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Two-Minute-Tuesday: 07/22/14

“Something to Think About”   In this video Roger gives his two cents worth on the financial implications of being a good investor and increased longevity.

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Two-Minute-Tuesday: 07/15/14

“2nd Quarter Wrap-Up”   Roger gives his two cents on the 2nd Quarter of 2014. In 2014 the S&P 500 saw two 4% declines followed by two 8% advances. Today the market is still in an uptrend

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Two-Minute-Tuesday: 07/08/14

“Action vs. Process”   It’s often said that anyone can make an investment, but only a few can manage money.  Investing is and ACTION.  Managing is a PROCESS.

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Two-Minute-Tuesday: 07/01/14

“Are You Selling Badly??”   Roger Balser of Balser Wealth Management gives his two cents worth on making money in the stock market in this edition of “Two-Minute-Tuesday.”

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