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February 19, 2015 No comments exist

How Are Your Investments Seeded? The Spring daffodils poking their heads up is a clear sign the college basketball season is beginning to wind down and the celebrated NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament often nicknamed “March Madness” is right around the corner. People all over the country will be scrambling to fill out their…

December 19, 2014 No comments exist

Out With the Old, In With the New: Themes For 2015 The question I’m most often asked at the beginning of each year is, “Where do you seen the Dow Jones Industrial Average heading this year?”   The new year always brings wild predictions from “experts” who have allegedly figured out what this market is going…

September 16, 2014 No comments exist

“Back to the Future!”   Roger gives his two cents worth on Piper Jaffray’s recent Informed Investor report by Sr. Technical Analyst, Craig Johnson, comparing today’s markets to the 1950’s.

February 4, 2014 No comments exist

Roger S Balser of Balser Wealth Management, LLC takes a look at the January effect for the stock market and puts a little different spin on an idea to possibly profit from the January effect.    

May 1, 2013 No comments exist

Two Beers, One Napkin and a 401(k)   What would you do if you found out your investment was earning 1% a year? Would you review your investment and make some changes or would you take a “wait-and-see” position?   The reality is that lots of good folks are sitting idly while their retirement plans…