How's your investment portfolio, retirement portfolio - or 401(k) - performing? Not too sure? Well, here's an offer you can't refuse:

Dice_smallSend me your portfolio statement IN CONFIDENCE and
I'll review it for free. No charge.

All you have to do is email me a list of what you currently own in your investment portfolio, and/or the choices available to you in your current retirement plan at work. We don't need to see balances, we just want to know how your current plan is allocated.

Once we have your information we'll begin to chart the options available to you. Then we'll review the choices available in your 401(k) plan and get back to you with recommendations on how to optimize those same investments and reap better returns.

Just MAIL,or scan and EMAIL a copy of your latest portfolio statement and I'll crunch the numbers, no charge. I do this often as a favor for my friends and family members, and it seems to work pretty well.