Roger’s Speaker Videos

Consultant, speaker, author and coach Roger S. Balser shares with PTRA conference attendees at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort in Albuquerque, New Mexico  “Why Some People Almost Always Make Money in theStock Market.” For more information on Roger go to:  









On January 16, 2014 Roger S. Balser shares a 100 year-old investment process that can help you improve the performance of your investment and retirement portfolios. For more information on Roger go to:


Did you know there are TWO Standard and Poor’s 500 indexes. They hold exactly the same 500 stocks. Yet trade and perform differently. For more information on Roger go to:




At the 2014 MAFSI Conference Libby Duskie of Duskie, Utsey & Associates asks, “How do I know my advisor is looking out for me or the company they work for?”














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