About Us

Balser Wealth Management, LLC was founded in 2005 by Roger S. Balser as a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory firm focused on providing conflict-free portfolio management,  and 401k advice to our clients. We are located in Avon, Ohio. At Balser Wealth Management, LLC we only work for you. We do not receive any additional forms of compensation, just the fees paid to us by our clients for advice. This is important because it allows us to offer advice and services free of conflict. There are no hidden interests or sales commissions fueling the advice we provide, only our desire to help you reach your financial goals. We take a fiduciary obligation when managing our clients' money, and we take that obligation seriously. Balser Wealth Management, LLC specializes in two primary areas: serving as a fee-only alternative to stockbrokers and brokerage firms, as well as the do-it-yourself trader or investor at a discount brokerage firm. We also provide a unique service in helping our clients manage the investments inside their 401k at work. Often, many participants in a 401(k) account choose their investments and rarely change them, or sometimes they make decisions based on which investments did well last year. We encourage you to call us directly at 440-610-3012 and sign-up for our 2-Minute-Tuesday Report.