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Roger S. Balser is not a motivational speaker, however the information he shares does motivate. It is not about jumping up and down, clapping you hands and reciting positive quotes. It is about results! His topic is success. Success in life. Success in the stock market.

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  • “ A smashing success. You were a great addition. You are a truly gifted individual who has found their calling.”

Alsion Cody, Executive Director, MAFSI

  • A major thumbs up!”

Mary Jo Martin, Editor, The Wholesaler Magazine

  • “Very eye-opening, motivating as well as encouraging.”

Carl McNeal, CFSP Director of Sales Commercial Kitchen

  • “Roger is the go-to guy for the money department of Agency Sales.”

Jack Foster, Editor Agency Sales Magazine

  • “Informative and actually hitting the mark. “

Stew Chaffee, President, Rich-Tomkins Company, Inc., AIM/R Conference Chair

Comments from attendees:

“Takeaways were invaluable”

“Informative and relevant”

“Surprised by the valuable content”

“4.5 out of 5 stars!”

“We want him back”